Asian women are familiar with the concept of “confinement period”. This term refers to the month after a woman gives birth where she is supposed to be confined to the home where she is to recuperate and be nursed back to health.

Today, the modern new mum eschews old-fashioned practices in favour of more liberal ones but even as she embraces a more relaxed lifestyle, she knows the importance of eating the right foodsthat will ensure post-partum recovery and benefit her baby (whether it’s through lactation or simply by having more energy).

Chinese herbs are known to promote fast post-partum health but it is often difficult to find the various herbs individually. Which explains why Huiji® Waist Tonic has become a popular choice among mums in confinement.

Not only is the Tonic alcohol free (which makes it suitable for lactating women) it contains a medley of six Chinese herbs including the widely popular Dang Gui, Cordyceps, Ginseng, Da Zao, Du Zhong and Shou Wu – herbs that are known to replenish the body’s qi, nourish the blood and promote general well-being. Huiji® Waist Tonic harnesses the essence of these choice herbs to give you an extremely powerful and effective health supplement.

This recipe book features easy-to-prepare confinement dishes – with a twist! Every recipe has incorporated a dose of Huiji® Waist Tonic to ensure your favourite dish meets your health needs as much as it satisfies your tongue. We have also ensured all the recommended dishes are low-fat and healthy, so you can get back into good health as well as into tip-top shape.

So hand this recipe book to your confinement nanny or anyone helping you with confinement at home (your husband, your mum, etc) … and don’t be surprised if she asks you for Volume 2!


700g green papaya (unripe or semi-ripe)
300g fish (Snakehead, Carp, Seabream, Pomfret or Ikan Kurau fillet)
200g fish bones
12 pcs red dates
2 pcs Dang Shen
5g Yuzhu
5 slices ginger
2 cups (Huiji® measuring cup) Huiji® Waist Tonic


  1. Put fish bones, ginger, Dang Shen, red dates, Yuzhu in water and boil for half an hour.
  2. Add papaya to the pot and when papaya softens, add fish and simmer till fish is cooked.
  3. Add in Huiji® Waist Tonic.
  4. Serve immediately while hot. (Note: It is ideal for breastfeeding mums to drink as much hot soup as possible as this aids in milk production and encourages milk letdown.)