Fruity Lite Granita

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Fruity Lite Granita

Huiji Fruity Lite: 2 sachets
Cold Water :250g
Water :750g
Konriyaku Jelly Powder: 10g
Huiji Fruity Lite: 2 sachets
Cold Water: 75g
Lemon Juice :75g
Strawberries: 5 pcs washed, diced)
Mango :1 pc (washed, skinned, diced)
Kiwi: 2 pcs (washed, skinned, diced)


  1. Method for making Fruity Lite ice cube: Mix Huiji Fruity Lite and cold water(250gm) till dissolved, pour into ice cube tray, put into the freezer to form ice cubes, save for use later
  2. Method for making Fruity Lite jelly: Place Konriyaku jelly powder,Sugar and water in a pot, mix well, switch on the fire and stir cook till boil, turn off flame, continue to stir for 1 – 2 mins, mix well with Huiji Fruity Lite(2 Sachets), Cold water (75gm) and Lemon Juice (75gm) , pour into 20cm square tray, leave to cool before chilling in the fridge till solidified, remove, dice
  3. Assembling: Put pre-prepared diced Fruity Lite jelly into 4 – 5 glasses, top with diced strawberries, mango and kiwi fruits, followed by shredding Fruity Lite ice cube with a fork directly into glasses to top up glasses