Fruity Lite Panna Cotta

Recipe for fatigue | Fruity Lite Panna Cotta

Fruity Lite Panna Cotta

Fresh Cream: 300g
Milk: 200g
Gelatine Leaf:4 leaves
Huiji Fruity Lite: 2 sachets
Strawberry/Peach/Mango: suitable quantity (as desired)
Huiji Honey: 50g
Lemon Juice: 25g
Cold Water: 25g


  1. Soak gelatine leaf in ice water till soft, for use later
  2. Place Fresh Cream,Milk and Sugar in a small pot, stir till lightly boiled over low flame, scoop out gelatine leaf from ice water, squeeze dry from water, add into small pot, stircook till gelatine melts, turn off fire
  3. Stir in Huiji Fruity Lite till granules dissolve, stand the whole pot in cold water to bring down temperature
  4. Once cooled, pour pot contents into 3 glasses, chill in the fridge till contents solidify (set)
  5. Remove from fridge, place preferred fruits on top as desired, add Strawberry,Peach and Mango, serve