What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a short, slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy roots, and there are eleven different species of Ginseng. With origins from China, Ginseng has been used for more than 4000 years by people all around the world. Ginseng is capable of treating all kinds of illnesses and diseases. It is also a herb that is believed to help restore and enhance overall well-being.

Ginseng helps with a number of medical conditions and ailments such as infertility, headaches, and acts as a natural cure for chronic fatigue.

This herb helps in boosting the immune system which aids in the fight against illnesses, infections, and diseases.

It is one of the most popular herbal medicines and herbal remedies in the world. Now, Ginseng can also be taken as a supplement to boost the immune system for better health.

Ginseng supplement

Taking Ginseng supplement can help men with issues of erectile dysfunction.

Its natural ability to work as a natural appetite suppressant also aids in weight loss, and can be added into the diet of people who are constantly watching over their weight.

Some of our health supplements contain Ginseng, such as our award-winning Huiji Waist Tonic. Huiji Waist Tonic helps to strengthen the waist, improves blood circulation, and nourishes the body. It is vegetarian and alcohol-free which makes it popular amongst breastfeeding mummies, and suitable for vegetarians.

Apart from the Huiji Waist Tonic, Huiji bird’s nest with American ginseng also contains Ginseng. Bird’s Nest has anti-aging properties, making it a great daily supplement for women and men for better complexion.