Pink Pretty Milkshake

Recipe for fatigue | Healthy Recipe Pink Pretty Milkshake

by Chef Anna Phua

Recipe for fatigue - Pink Pretty Milkshake Healthy Recipe


Butter flesh – 80g(1)
Beetroot wire – 50g
Guava – 60g
Yogurt or Soy milk – 250ml
Frozen banana – 1
Huiji honey – 1tbsp


Put all the ingredients into 3.5 hp Juice blender. Select “Auto”, then press “on” to blend automatically. Stop after 1 minute and check if smooth. Continue blending if any fruit chunks remain. Pour contents into glass or your favourite bottle to enjoy on the go!

Keep leftover milkshake in refrigerator and consume within a day. Stir before drinking if it has been in the refrigerator for a while.