Huiji Healthy Pudding

Recipe to aid digestion, improve blood circulation, boost immunity and maintain overall good health | Huiji Healthy Pudding

huiji healthy pudding

Huiji Fruity Lite Tea Bag 6 sachets
Water 400 ml
Jelly Powder (Konnyaku) 6 g
Lemon Zest ¼ no
Huiji Honey (14g) 14 g
Caster Sugar 20 g


  1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly
  2. Bring to a boil in an Induction Hob
  3. Pour into your preferred mould shape
  4. Place in the chiller for at least 20 minutes to let it completely set
  5. Unmould the pudding carefully and drizzle with Huiji Honey
  6. Huiji Healthy Pudding is now ready to be served and enjoyed!