Huiji Premium Hotpot

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Huiji Premium Hotpot

Whole chicken: 1 pc
Dried scallops: 50g (washed, soaked for ½ hour, keep the water for later use)
Chinese cabbage: 200g (washed, cut into pieces)
Ginger: 3 slices
Spring onion: 5 stalk (cut into finger length)
Pork : 200gm (sliced)
Black Mushroom : 4pcs (soaked,shredded)
Sea Cucumber : 200g (soaked,cut into ring)
Fish Maw : 30g (soaked,cut into ring
Fresh Pin Mushroom : 1 packet (washed,discard 1 inch root)
Huiji Waist Tonic: 2 cups (Huiji measuring cup)


  1. Wash chicken, remove head & bottom. Blanch whole chicken with boiling water, drain
  2. Place chicken and dried scallops into a clay pot
  3. Heat wok with 1 tbsp of oil, briefly stir-fry Chinese cabbage and transfer it to the clay pot
  4. Heat wok with 2 tbsp of oil, stir fry ginger slices and spring onion till fragrant, stir in remaining pork,black mushroom,sea cucumber, fish maw and fresh pin mushroom in the sequence and fry till fragrant, transfer all into the clay pot
  5. Pour in enough boiled water until the chicken is totally submerged, bring to a boil, then simmer for another 45 min over medium heat
  6. Add salt to taste, turn off heat, add in 2 cups of Huiji Waist Tonic, stir well and serve