Huiji Treasure Pot

TCM Recipe for Fatigue | Huiji Treasure Pot

Huiji Treasure Pot

Chicken 1 pcs
Fish stomach 30gm
Sea cucumber 2pc
Scallops 100 g
Pig’s feet tendon 100 g
Shitake mushroom 10pcs
Abalone According to preference
Medlar According to preference
Huiji Waist Tonic According to preference


  1. Boil 3 big bowls of water.
  2. Put in the chicken into the pot and use low heat to cook it. (4 -5 hours)
  3. Put sea cucumber, shitake mushroom, fish stomach and pig’s feet tendon into the pot.
  4. Lastly, put the scallops (soaked in hot water for 2 hours) and abalone into the pot.
  5. Add Huiji Waist Tonic according to preference right before serving.