Huiji Waist Tonic is one of our award-winning products that has benefited many generations since 1988. It is made according to a traditional recipe, and it is an excellent health tonic that is mild in nature and fragrant in scent.

Huiji Waist Tonic is made with 100% natural quality herbs such as Cordyceps, Ginseng, Du Zhou, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, and Da Zao. It is also vegetarian and alcohol-free, which makes it a great health supplement or vegetarians and breast-feeding mummies.

About 80% of the population suffers from backache, and most of them have tried many different ways to alleviate those aches. Huiji Waist Tonic is one of the recommended health supplements for back pains as it can help alleviate back pains and strengthen the waist. Its ingredients also help to improve blood circulation, as well as combats fatigue.