Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is one of the oldest forms of medicine that dates back to the year 200 B.C with a history of more than 2000 to 2500 years. TCM is considered to be a natural health care system that is “holistic” and “natural” because it stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism. It also takes into account all aspect of a patient’s life, rather than just looking at several signs and symptoms of the illness.

TCM aims to correct the imbalance in a person’s body. It also concerns the body and the mind. It does not treat the illness, but treats the person with the illness.

Organs that are focused on during TCM treatments are the kidney, heart, spleen, liver, lungs, gallbladder, small intestine, and large intestine. TCM also helps to treat Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Fatigue, Infertility, and Abdominal ailments.

TCM is the essence of Chinese history, philosophy, and medical knowledge. Till now, many still rely on TCM as their main form of medicine.

TCM Supplements

Apart from TCM treatments, people are also taking TCM supplements for overall health. TCM supplements are beneficial in many ways. It helps to prevent nutrient deficiency, boost energy, improve detoxification, and free radical damage. Huiji Bird’s Nest and Huiji Waist Tonic are some of the TCM supplements that can improve overall health and well-being.

It is not easy to find and purchase TCM products in Malaysia. Besides, locating a reputable TCM shop can be difficult in Malaysia. Travelling to one can also be rather inconvenient in Malaysia as it may take from 20 to 30 minutes just to head over to a Chinese herbal shop or a shopping mall.

However, you can now get Traditional Chinese Medicine online. It is more convenient and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, the TCM can be delivered to your doorstep within just a few working days.

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