Huiji Stir-Fried Snakehead Fish Slices

Recipe for Backache | Stir Fried Snakehead Fish Slices

Recipe for Backache-Stir Fried Snakehead Fish Slices

Ginger – 50g (skinned, shredded)
Chinese Snakehead Fish – 400g (skinned, sliced)
Ginger Juice – 1 tbsp
Light Soya Sauce – ½ tbsp
Sesame Oil – ½ tbsp
HuaTiaoWine – 1 tbsp
Spring Onion – 50g (washed, sectioned)
Rice Wine – 75g
Huiji Waist Tonic – 1 – 2 cups (Huiji measuring cup)


  1. Mix and marinate Chinese snakehead fish slices with ginger juice, light soya sauce, sesame oil and hua tiao wine for 15 mins
  2. Heat up 3 tbsp oil over medium flame, saute shredded ginger till golden brown and aromatic
  3. Add in marinated Chinese snakehead fish slices and sectioned spring onion, stir fry till well mixed
  4. Pour in rice wine, season with salt to taste, dish up
  5. Mix with 1 -2 cup Huiji Waist Tonic, serve